Where does “Girl in the Trunk” come from?

girlinthetrunk corvette stingray


It all began with a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

I was doing a video car review of the Z06, and when I opened up the trunk, I thought: Oh, that’s huge! I bet I could fit in there. Unfortunately that thought was spoken in my outside voice, not the voice inside my head. And, even more unfortunately, several people heard the comment. So, of course, I had to climb in. And I was right. It was huge. I did fit.

Thus, the Ciminillo as a unit of measure was born. One friend asked my height and weight and converted me into cubic-feet of cargo volume. Another friend created a widget that will convert any volume measurement into Ciminillos. Then, my boss got into the action and informed me that @girlinthetrunk was free as a twitter handle.

It was out of my hands.

Nowadays, I Instagram and Tweet photos of me in the trunk of various and sundry test cars, expostulate about the virtues of the cargo volume, and generally have fun talking about the #Ciminillo as a unit of measure.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, 1 Ciminillo = 1.5 cubic-feet.

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