2013 BMW M5

2013 BMW M5I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the 2013 BMW M5, but in a place like Chicago it would make a tough every-day driver. This car is made for sweeping curves and long, long straightaways. Chicago doesn’t have much of either. Especially during rush hour. The clutch is definitely touchy, and the rumble of the engine will have you twitching with frustration in stop-and-go traffic because all you really want to do is go, go, go! As long as I had a clear path on the highway, this car brought a smile to my face every day. I loved the exterior styling, and the seats were comfy. One thing to note: Women either shouldn’t wear high heels when driving or the driver’s side rug has got to go. My 3-inch heels kept catching between the dead pedal and the tip of the rug, which made moving to the clutch kind of tricky.

Base price: $90,200

Cargo volume: 14 cubic-feet

Ciminillos: 9

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